Apple will end 2020 with sales higher than 2019 even in the COVID era

That this year is being, let’s say, different, it is evident. Above all because we have above us a sword in the form of a virus with a crown that is wreaking havoc at the health level, but also at the economic and social level. Apple is saving furniture thanks to the iPhone SE and iPhone 12, launched at key moments in this COVID era.

The launches of the iPhone SE and the four models of the 12, save the furniture to Apple in this era COVID

The Cupertino company will close 2020 in an excellent way, taking into account the numbers of the other companies. Apple is one of the few firms to make a profit in the COVID era, in which numerous businesses have had to close or go bankrupt. Many people have lost their jobs, health, and social relationships. A disaster. However, the sale of mobile phones continues to boom and Apple in the lead.

According to the analysis of Counterpoint Research, Apple’s strategy for the year was successful. In the second quarter (the hardest of this COVID era) the iPhone SE was launched. This launch, together with the sales of the iPhone 11, made the Californian company only a 2% decrease was recorded when the normal was 6%.

In the last semester, something similar is going to happen. When the year has to close, Apple launches the iPhone 12 with its 4 different models. An almost guaranteed best seller. It has almost served him well having to delay the launch precisely because of the COVID era.

5G is a decisive factor that makes Estimates of total iPhone 12 sales in October, November and December are encouraging. According to the analysis company, the new model will sell faster and faster than the iPhone 11.

IPhone 12 sales estimate in 2020

In this way it is estimated that the general smartphone market will reach -10% in 2020, while Cupertino’s iPhone sales could grow 4% compared to 2019.

Apple becomes a very very profitable company, more than it already was. It becomes almost unattainable for the rest and invulnerable.