Apple wants the iPhone to be usable with AR glasses

Apple does not put aside its determination to release augmented reality glasses in the future. He is considering many options, at least this is shown by the rumors that are coming out about the so-called Apple Glasses. The patents that the company is registering also help. As for example this one that we bring you about what iPhone can be used with AR glasses.

The idea is that the iPhone screen can be used with AR glasses

  iPhone can be used with AR glasses

It seems that there is a lot of desire on the part of users for augmented reality glasses made by Apple to appear on the market. There are many rumors about it and they help a lot to keep the patents registered by Apple in this regard.

In this that we bring you now and that has been registered on December 17, deals with the possibility that the iPhone can be used with AR glasses. The iPhone would act as a screen taking advantage of its qualities as such and the size especially of the Pro Max model.

This setting can allow the user view media on a private screen, while the medium is provided by a personal portable device. Sometimes, however, a wired connection can be inconvenient and cumbersome for the user in certain situations (for example, the user must separately hold multiple devices and deal with cables).

In addition to being unwieldy, the coupled system often uses redundant features, which are not required. when the devices are used together.

The iPhone as a display for AR glasses

We suppose that it is already one of the many versions that Apple must be considering when making the existence of AR glasses a reality. Many different models have been seen but it is the first time that this one sees the possibility of use the iPhone for these purposes.

I suppose this must be an idea for a low or mid-range model, but I don’t think Apple is considering bringing to the market an option that has already existed for many years and is not exactly comfortable. But everything is possible.

Whenever we talk about patents we have to say that it is possible that these may not see the light in the end. They are ideas that are recorded and that with the passage of time they may come true or remain as ideas. Time will tell.