Apple users agree to new security measures

Recently Manzana announced that it will implement application tracking transparency feature in its iOS 14 operating system. This feature will tell users when and how apps are snooping, and according to a survey, they agree with the decision of the Cupertino company.

The new Tracking Transparency feature in Apple Apps

Apple announced the imminent implementation of application tracking transparency feature. And it is that now the apps must request permission from users for their permission to be able to track and share their IDFA identifiers.

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This feature that Apple will implement in its iOS 14 operating system will restrict the tracking made by applications to advertising purposes. In addition, this new privacy policy will make use of encryption, minimizing the amount of user data that must be used and providing anonymity where possible.

One of the first companies that made themselves heard based on the measures that Apple will implement was Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg’s social network announced that this antipersonalized advertising strategy of the Cupertino company could harm small businesses.

Users support the new measures of the Cupertino company

Unlike how Facebook thinks, Apple users agree with the new measure that will be implemented. According to a survey conducted by SellCell Out of 2,000 iPhone and iPad owners in the United States, 72 percent were aware of the privacy changes in iOS and iPadOS updates.

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On the other hand, the results of the survey showed that 13 percent of users said they knew the changes “very well”, while 29 percent considered that they knew the changes “well”. However, 58 percent of the participants indicated that they knew modernly or not very well at all.

In addition, users surveyed expressed concern about the tracking practices of websites and applications. According to the study, 65 percent of users are overly concerned about app tracking and only 14 percent indicated that they were not at all concerned.

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On the other hand, users were also asked about the implementation of ad tracking features. According to the results, 35 percent indicated they were in favor of tracking to allow personalized ads based on their interests, while 65 percent would prefer to receive generic ads.

However, only 59 percent of users would allow tracking if the app delivers relevant content. Additionally, 74 percent of users would opt for tracking if “it means not having to pay for content or features that are currently free.”

Apple seeks to improve the privacy of its users


There is no question that Apple is a fervent advocate for user privacy. It is public knowledge that the Cupertino company is in favor of keeping data as private as possible.

On the other hand, CEO Tim Cook mentions it as “one of the most important issues of the century” in an interview. It is for this reason that Apple works to maintain user privacy in as many different ways as possible.