Apple to Offer Limited Edition Apple Watch for Black History Month

February is the Black History Month in the United States, and to mark the occasion, Apple is launching a special limited edition Apple Watch Series 6, among other things.

Apple to offer a limited edition Apple Watch for Black History Month

The Black Unity collection Apple includes a new Apple Watch Series 6, Black Unity Sport Band and a Unity watch face. The watch features the words “Black Unity” laser-etched into the back glass, while the strap, inspired by the Pan-African flag, includes the words Truth Power Solidarity.

They will be available to buy from February 1. The edition Apple Watch Series 6 Black Unity starts at $ 399While the GPS + Cellular version starts at $ 499. The Black Unity Sport Band will retail for $ 49.

The Unity watch face will be shipped as part of the update to watchOS 7.3 later.

Black History Month on all Apple platforms

That’s not all it will do Manzana to commemorate the Black History Month. Throughout the month, in the App Store, businesses, developers, entertainment offerings and social justice apps owned by the African American community will be highlighted. The App Store will also feature developer stories discussing the importance of rendering in apps and games, with creators from ustwo games and Zynga.

On other Apple platforms such as: Apple Music, Apple Music TV, Apple Fitness +, Apple Books, Apple TV +, Apple Podcasts, Apple Maps Guides, Apple News, contributions from African American creators, businesses and more will also be highlighted.

As that selection suggests, this focus on black history will permeate almost every Apple platform. For example, there will be a new “Shot on iPhone” campaign called “Hometown,” which highlights the work of black photographers specially commissioned by Apple.

Finally, there is a new activity challenge for the Apple watch to celebrate this month. I know will offer users a limited edition badge if they complete movement goals in the activity tracker app for seven consecutive days.

Supporting organizations around the world

Manzana recently announced a series of new projects as part of its Racial Justice and Equity Initiative. These are designed to combat systemic racism and promote racial equity in the US with the help of a $ 100 million dollar Apple fund.

In a press release Tuesday, Apple announced some of the other organizations it is working with for Black History Month:

“As part of this effort, Apple is supporting six global organizations to help advance their missions in promoting and achieving equality and civil rights in the United States and around the world: Black Lives Matter Support Fund through the Tides Foundation; European Network Against Racism; International Institute of Race, Equality and Human Rights; Leadership Conference Education Fund; NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund, Inc.“.

For more information about the programs of this celebration you can enter the following link.