Apple stops signing iOS 14.0.1. iOS 14.1 remains as the latest version in force

After the release of iOS 14.1 and iPadOS 14.1, Apple didn’t think twice and stopped signing iOS 14.0.1. So it will no longer be possible to go back to a previous version if you already installed the new update on your device. Recall that this happened as is with iOS 13.7 and then iOS 14.0.

The update rounds continue with iOS 14.1, the experience will improve over time

Apple is constantly battling discovered security flaws and others to which they have long been vulnerable. Jailbreak is the order of the day and developers on the other side are wasting no time. It was announced weeks ago that the team of checkra1n developed the jailbreak for devices with iOS 14, although Apple implemented measures so that they are not jailbroken in recent devices from the iPhone 8 and iPhone X.iOS 14.0.1

The adoption speed of iOS 14 is the fastest yet. Much of that is due to some noticeable differences in performance. Other users have not had the best experience since they condition the battery of their devices, precisely due to the improvement in performance. The battery has to be sacrificed. Also, third-party app developers offer new updates for complete compatibility. It takes up to a month or two to get consistent but it will be worth it.

Very fast adoption if not possible by widgets and other features

Three things were what powered the launch of iOS 14 on September 16. The widgets on the home screen, the application library and the Picture & Picture function on the iPhone. On an iPhone 8 I have noticed that the speed doubled when opening apps or browsing within the iPhone itself. It is said that users adopted iOS 14 faster since it has been installed in 30% of devices, 10% more than what happened with iOS 13 in the same time frame.

If the experience with the new update on your device is not the best you will have to wait a little longer. It is known that Apple is already working on the development of iOS 14.2, currently in beta. iOS 14.1 brought a range of new features and it was thought that it would be a minor update. The most important thing was widgets fix since it was reported that several users had errors in the visualization.

What do you think of the update so far? Are you hooked on customization?