It is clear that Microsoft and Apple they will end up understanding each other and we will be able to run an official Windows ARM with Boot Camp in the new era of Apple Silicon Macs. It will be an added value to the new Macs with an M1 processor, and Microsoft will sell a good handful of licenses more for its operating system.

Technically it is already a reality, since some developers have already installed a version of Windows ARM on Macs with an M1 chip. What we did not know is that once installed and after the Geekbench 5, beats the Surface Pro X in score. Whoops!

Yesterday wrote my colleague Manuel that a developer has successfully virtualized the ARM version of Windows on a Mac with an M1 processor without an emulator. At the moment, there is no possibility of using Boot Camp and being able to use Windows in the new ones Apple Silicon. So several developers have been determined to fix it on their own, while Apple and Microsoft reach an agreement.

And of course, once they have managed to make said Windows 10 ARM64 on an M1 processor, it took them time to install Geekbench 5 and see how it scores said graft. And the surprise has been great, without a doubt.

They have installed GeekBenh 5 on a Mac with an M1 processor, whose operating system was Windows 10 ARM64 virtualized using the QEMU service. The score obtained is 1,390 points with the single-core test, and a multi-core score of 4,769 points. Take it now.

When compared to the Surface Pro X, which has a score of 802 single-core qualification points and 3,104 points in the multicore test, we see that it far exceeds it. The merit of the Apple processor is greater, if we consider that the Surface Pro X uses an ARM processor specially designed by Qualcomm to work with Windows 10 ARM version.