Apple Silicon MacBooks keep the same 720p camera

FaceTime on MacBook

There are things that have no logic or explanation. Yesterday we attended the Apple keynote where three brand new laptops of the new era were presented Apple Silicon. With features never seen in a laptop, both in processor capacity and autonomy. A before and after in the history of the MacBook.

And only a few hours later we realize that perfection does not exist. Not much less at Apple. looking more closely at the specifications of the new MacBooks, we have found that the camera remains the same as the current MacBooks have a 720p. What would it have cost them to improve it just a little bit at least to 1080p. Well, no.

Apple introduced four new Macs yesterday at its event «One more thing«: One 13-inch MacBook Air, two 13-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros respectively, and one Mac mini. The first computers of the Apple Silicon era. Sporting the new processor, they have some impressive features. However, there is one element of these new MacBooks that has not been updated for too long: the camera.

At the event the company explained that the new processor had specific functions to improve the treatment of the image captured with the camera, but they did not explain that it was still the same 720p camera. A failure, without a doubt.

It is not understood that with almost a year already on the back of a pandemic due to the happy coronavirus, with what that has meant when communicating telematically, Apple has not improved the resolution of its camera at least to 1080p.

Perhaps until this year the camera of a laptop was not too important either, but nowadays, it is not necessary to explain, because we are all experiencing it in the first person, the need we have to be connected telematically and the necessary and obligatory increase that they have had the videoconferences all over the world. Either on a professional or family level. So it is not very well understood how Apple has missed this small improvement. It would have been easy for them to swap the 720p sensor for a 1080p one.