Apple says the HomePod mini does not leave marks on wooden surfaces

HomePod mini

Shortly after the first HomePod units hit the market, a controversy related to the marks left on some wooden surfaces, specifically on surfaces where a wax or oil treatment had been used. With the launch of the new HomePod mini, these marks will not appear.

According to Rene Ritchie in the review video that he posted on his YouTube channel, Apple claims to have fixed this problem with the new generation of HomePod mini, so it will make you use a surface to place the new HomePod (most likely it will not offer the same power as the original HomePod, these marks do not appear).

These marks were created due to the silicone part found at the bottom of the HomePod, an area designed to dampen the vibrations of the speaker. These brands they disappeared later days later removing the speaker. If they did not disappear, Apple recommended us to clean the area with a slightly damp cloth.

If these persisted, he recommended cleaning the area with the product recommended by the manufacturer. The Apple support page for this device recommended at the end that if we didn’t want these marks to appear, we will place a surface underneath to prevent the silicone from leaving marks on the wood.

In fact, the HomePod support page still showing the same recommendations when cleaning and avoiding the marks left by HomePod when placed on wood surfaces treated with waxes or oils.

The HomePod mini will begin reaching customers on Monday, November 16. With a price of 99 euros, this speaker is currently available in Spain, the United States, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Japan and the United Kingdom. If you weren’t among the first to pre-order it, this model’s current shipping date is in mid-December, so either hurry up or you won’t have your new HomePod for Christmas.