Mac mini with M1 is the fastest among single-core processors

At the end of October, Apple registered an unspecified product in the Bluetooth SIG database under the name “B2002” under the category “Personal computer”. It had the model number “TBD” and now the company has registered all three existing Macs with the M1 chip under the same entry. We still don’t know what this new device is And why now the three computers with the M1 chip join this list?

mysterious device

The mystery about the device named “B2002” registered at the end of October in the Bluetooth SIG database grows even more serious. The three Mac models that have the M1 chip have now been included so the list of devices that can be, is greatly reduced. Keep in mind that we have already registered the iPhone 12, the Apple Watch Series 6 and SE, the AirPods Max, the HomePod mini and the three new iPads, the options are further limited.

Products rumored to be for release in 2021 include its long-awaited AirTags item trackers, a new Apple TV, second-gen AirPods Pro, and more, but it’s just not clear what the ‘TBD’ listing represents. Apple occasionally archives components in the Bluetooth SIG database, such as the H1 chip in the second-generation AirPods and the W2 chip in the Apple Watch Series 3. The “TBD” list has a “Controller Subsystem + Host + Profile” , hence it may refer to the M1 chip or other component in the M1 Mac and it just hasn’t been updated to reflect that yet, but that remains to be seen.

We will have to wait for spring which is when it is expected that the new devices can begin to be launched for this year 2021.