Apple raises Apple Silicon DTK credit from $ 200 to $ 500

We ended the week with an interesting piece of information, Apple raises the cashback of its Silicon DKT program, previously let us remember how Apple told the developers of its Apple Silicon DTK program to be prepared to return the Mac mini early access prototype soon, said developers would receive a $ 200 credit toward the purchase of a Mac M1 as a token of appreciation.

This announcement was not complimented too kindly by the community as expected, however, Apple has “Listened to the feedback” and has considered changing its offer, this is how Apple raises the credit accordingly …

Last year, developers were able to request early access to Apple Silicon hardware, this in the form of a Mac mini with an A12X chip inside, along with dedicated technical resources for developers to help them get their ARM-compliant applications faster.

Participation in this program cost $ 500, with the initial expectation that the DTK hardware would have to be returned once Apple started selling its new ARM-powered Macs real to final consumers.

Apple raises time and credit value pay

With this premise clarified, the offer of a $ 200 loan saw some developers feel a bit offended, especially since that credit would expire at the end of May. At the same time, many DTK units did not turn on in a few months, which means that some developers were not even able to get value for what they paid for.

Furthermore, expectations of a more generous reward had been set as precedent; remembering when Apple transitioned the Mac from PowerPC to Intel, at that time changed Intel DTK units of $ 999 for new consumer iMacs of $ 999, it was thus that Apple raised the retribution to the developers who participated.

Either way, Apple obviously saw the developer discontent on Twitter and similar networks In response to last week’s news, that’s why Apple is now raising credit. This is how DTK developers will now receive a cashback of $ 500 when the DTK is returned, that is, the device with the Apple Silicon they received

Also, returning to the topic of time, Apple also uploads this and that credit will be valid until the end of the year, so developers looking at the upcoming 16-inch ARM MacBook Pro, for example, have a great opportunity to take advantage of it.

The bitten apple brand also clarified that developers who currently own a Mac M1 they can use the credit to buy any Apple hardware product. With all these changes, it makes the response quick and leaves the developer community with much more positive feelings.