Apple must label products by index: disposable or service-friendly? New legislation in France

Certainly Apple does not manufacture its own products with the stated aim that everything should be as difficult to repair as possible so that every defect leads to a new purchase. However, the slim construction and elegant design often go hand in hand with having to make do with permanently installed components. An example of this is firmly soldered RAM or SSD storage, which in current notebooks can no longer be easily replaced by the user as in the past. While the most common defects of an iPhone can be fixed very easily (e.g. battery, display), the situation is different with an SSD damage. In France, Apple now has it beganto specify an index for all hardware products. Similar to the “Repairability Score”, which is always collected by iFixit, this expresses how well the items can be repaired. Of course, the classification is not voluntary; instead, Apple follows local French legislation.