Apple may be considering leasing its hardware

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An American analyst has published this news. Reading the headline I was quite surprised, but ten seconds later I realized that it would be a great idea. It would surely increase the sales of the company’s most expensive devices, especially in the sector business.

Many companies use leasing as a good solution to finance the purchase especially of vehicles for their company. Whether for executives, salespeople, or delivery men, they all carry a company car, and also a company mobile, tablet, or laptop. Here Apple has a great business opportunity, if it expands its services Apple one to include hardware in their offer packages.

Gene Munster and David Stokman are analysts at Loup ventures and they have published an interesting Article, where they think that the launch of Apple One is just the beginning and that Apple will offer a combined subscription offering of services and hardware. What they call a comprehensive 360 ​​° package.

The research group says it can be very profitable to pay Apple a monthly fee for most of your technology needs, in an integrated package of hardware, software and services. Especially for companies, used to working with leases.

«Both hardware subscriptions and subsequent 360 ° package are aligned with two macro trends: a continuous digital transformation and the change of consumer purchasing preferences, “they write in the article. “Plus, Apple is the only company that can make this work, given its service and maintenance logistics, coupled with seamless hardware and software integration.”

Today, about 55% of the company’s income is obtained with subscriptions. Loup Ventures publishes that adding subscriptions to Mac, iPad and Watch, that number would approach 85%. The research group does not offer a prediction on what a 360 ° service might cost. Cheap, of course, would not come out …