We already have available to developers the second beta of macOS Big Sur 11.2. Those who want to download this new software must access through the platform that the American company has available for these cases. Of course, it is necessary to be developers and therefore be registered in these terms to access this second beta.

Apple has launched its second beta for developers of macOS Big Sur 11.2, providing testers with a new version of the Mac operating system so that they can test the new functionalities implemented.

The first beta of this version of macOS It was launched last December 17. Very shortly after version 11.1 was released to the public. We are therefore testing this new version of the software.

Is too early to know what’s new that are included in this new Beta. But surely if there are and they are worth mentioning shortly we will have information about them and we will tell you about it. We will be delighted to have your collaboration to see if there is news in this new version.

As we have said before, this second beta is intended for developers and so that they can download this new version They can do it from the control center of the Mac or accessing the website that the company has available on the Internet.

As we always say when a new beta comes out, is that it is not advisable to install it on those main devices. The reason is because although sales are normally quite stable, we must bear in mind that they can present failures that could make our Macs obsolete. That is why it is almost necessary to install it on secondary computers.

If the trend remains the same, in a month we will have the third beta of this new version of macOS Big Sur 11.2