Apple Iphone X

Since I received my FREE Apple iPhone X around 3 weeks ago well, in fact I ordered two (my girlfriend wanted one). All I have done is comment on this page how well the apple iPhone X performs. You can also claim your own FREE iPhone by commenting on this page.

What I must comment on is the fact I don’t think you need a high storage iPhone, due to the fact you have constant access to cloud storage. So, I don’t feel their is any need for putting music on and wasting storage space in most circumstances. One of the best things must be the ‘Apps’, with developers constantly developing new applications, you do become addicted to purchasing new applications and games quite often. My overall rating for the Apple iPhone X has to be 10/10. Although, I cannot wait for future software updates.

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A Decade On And Still Apple Innovating…

With a whole host of new features the Apple iPhone X is an absolute world beater. The beautifully, sleek crafted design is now both dust and water resistant. It also features a faster and larger 12MP rear camera with a new deeper pixels and colour filter , so your photos on apple Iphone X will be as crisp as real life.

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iPhone X features:

– 5.8″ Super Retina bezel-less display
– Facial recognition
– Fast wireless charging
– New and improved dual rear camera
– Water and dust resistant
– Beautifully crafted glass body
– Introduction of iOS 11