Apple introduces the new iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini

It is official, Apple has presented a new generation of its largest flagship device, the iPhone 12. For so many months it was rumored that there were 4 different models, that’s what we’re seeing right now. For the first time, Apple launches a mini model of the iPhone.

IPhone 12 Introduces New Colors, New A14 Processor, and New Screen Sizes

Compared to previous generations, the iPhone 12 presents a new catalog of colors that are very attractive. Inside it is the new A14 chip (which is in the iPad Air 4), which promises to deliver the highest performance in an iPhone to date. Every year there is a major transition in speed and processing. In the next few days we will surely be seeing how fast it is relative to competing devices.A14 chip features

We are seeing the same size as the previous generation (iPhone 11). 6.1 inches turned out to be an excellent average size for usersNot for nothing, the iPhone 11 is the best-selling smartphone so far this year. An important addition to the screen is the new resistance called Ceramic Shield that promises to offer greater resistance (up to 4 times higher than previous generations).

We see a 5.4-inch model for the first time. It will also be important to compare how much the change in size influences other competing devices.New iPhone 12

All the power of 5G in all iPhones

Apple boasted with great fanfare an interesting alliance in the US with Verizon. They did some tests regarding the performance it can have in streaming consumption. It will be possible to simultaneously reproduce several angles of a match of any sport. 5G Steve Jobs Theater

Imagine doing any internet activity at maximum speed on a device that ranges from the smallest size (currently compared to the competition) to a larger size. It is important that 5G reaches other countries to be able to demonstrate everything that Apple has exposed today.

In short, the best of the iPhone 12

From the screen, through the cameras and new accessories, we are seeing important news in the new generation of the flagship device of the bitten apple.

Dual camera on both devices with considerable improvements to the Wide lens (secondary lens) and a night mode that will be available on the same lens. Night mode also comes to video, so you can record a time-lapse in the darkest environment with the best clarity. This will be thanks to the A14 processor, which will also offer the best image quality on the screen with the new Super Retina XDR.

In response to the failure of the AirPower comes MagSafe, the new accessory that will allow you to charge your new iPhone 12 magnetically. Remember the MagSafe ports on old Mac notebooks? That’s what it’s all about, you can attach a small base to the back of the iPhone.

It also promises to charge with an Apple Watch at the same time, although we will have to wait to confirm that the performance is correct.New iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini

These images sum up the best of the iPhone 12 and 12 mini. Starting prices are $ 699 for the 5.4-inch model and $ 799 for the 6.1-inch model.

Abstract iPhone 12

What started as a rumor is now a reality

Apple will not offer the power adapter or EarPods in the box of the new iPhone 12. It is a decision that falls entirely on the issue of caring for the environment. Lisa Jackson stressed that many users have been storing power adapters, in addition to EarPods that although they were used at the time, they still generate a significant carbon footprint.IPhone 12 case

New users will have to purchase an additional power adapter, will have to wait for the final price of the MagSafe. For now, this will benefit offering a smaller package. We will see if this also helps users, not only in size but in subsequent prices.

Prices in Spain and Mexico

The prices of the iPhone 12 mini for Spain are the following:

  • € 809 (64 GB)
  • € 859 (128 GB)
  • € 979 (256 GB)

The prices in Mexico are as follows:

  • 19,999 (64 GB)
  • 21,499 (128GB)
  • 24,499 (256 GB)

The prices of the iPhone 12 for Spain are the following:

  • € 909 (64 GB)
  • € 959 (128 GB)
  • € 1079 (256GB)

The prices in Mexico are as follows:

  • 22,499 (64 GB)
  • 23,999 (128GB)
  • 26,999 (256 GB)

IPhone 12 reservations begin on October 16 at 2:00 p.m. in Spain and 7:00 a.m. in Mexico. For the iPhone 12 mini we will have to wait until November 6.

Which one will you buy?