Apple introduces M1, the first chip designed for Mac with Apple Silicon

It is official, the new chip that will replace the Mac with Intel is here. The M1 chip is the first processor manufactured from the Apple Silicon era for a new generation of portable Macs and desktop computers. Apple will launch three new computers starting next week.

The M1 chip, nothing compared to what was expected

The name is the first differential section of Apple Silicon. For many months it was rumored that Apple would have an A14X or Z chip for its new Macs. This changed today with the introduction of the M1 chip. The performance it promises to deliver to users is incredible. It stands out for offering the best performance and lowest power consumption compared to Windows computers. Apple Event Apple Silicon

It is an 8-core chip with a size of 5 nanometers, the smallest in a smartphone and now in a laptop or computer. In the presentation you could see a deep description (although a bit quick) of how it will work in CPU, GPU, RAM and other components. The most important piece of information is that the M1 chip has 16 billion transistors. M1 chip performance

Apple Silicon reaches the best portable and desktop Macs

The first Mac announced with this chip is the MacBook Air, followed by the Mac mini and thus far the MacBook Pro. According to the announcement, Apple mentioned “the fastest CPU core in the world.” This is because 4 of the 8 cores are high performance. The other 4 will take care to offer high efficiency, here is what stands out about the performance with the minimum energy (one tenth).Apple Silicon CPU performance

The M1 chip offers the best CPU performance per watt. Regarding graphics, the M1 includes a GPU with up to 8 cores. As with the CPU, the fastest integrated graphics in the world. And how could it not be missing, It includes a 5-core neural engine capable of processing up to 11 trillion operations per second.

A last but not least surprising fact is that the M1 chip is compatible with Thunderbolt technology and USB 4, that’s right, FOUR. There is no doubt that Apple has made history today. He did not refer to Intel at any time, so those of Cupertino are already on their way to dedicate part of its history to the production of its own chips for laptops and computers.

Equipment with Apple Silicon can be reserved starting today and its launch will be next week. What do you want!