Apple II cover signed by Jobs and Wozniak to go up for auction

A rare cap of a Apple II Plus Signed by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak will be auctioned in two weeks at the doyle . The signed cap is expected to fetch at least $ 20,000, the auction house predicts.

The Apple II cover signed by Jobs and Wozniak goes up for auction this month

Doyle provides a backstory on the origin of the signed cover of the Apple II Plus:

The recipient of this entry, Thomas Earl Neudecker II, obtained his Ph.D. in Social Work from the University of Colorado, Boulder. He then went on to teach at the University of Pittsburgh. While there, he conducted research projects related to the effects of technology in K-12 schools, as the personal computer became more affordable for public schools.

Memorabilia signed by Steve Jobs Y Steve Wozniak they are quite rare. This particular cover was signed by Jobs and Wozniak at a reception after the 1984 Macintosh announcement:

In 1984, Neudecker represented the University of Pittsburgh at the January 24 “unveiling” event for the new Apple Macintosh computer. At the next reception, attended by the founders of Apple, he made it a point to meet Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. In preparation for this, he carried the Apple II Plus family cover in his briefcase. When he met them, he asked them to sign the cover. Made into a prized possession, he framed it and hung it in his home office.

The lid Apple II Plus signed by the founders of Apple, Jobs and Wozniak It will be officially auctioned next week on Tuesday, November 24 at 10 am to be exact.

You can get more information from the full auction house listing on Doyle’s website at the following link:

Without a doubt it would be a very precious item for every fan of the brand starting with me.

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