Apple has done it again … with the AirPods Max (Opinion)

Almost without warning and as is often said to give drama to the conversations, with nocturnal and treacherousness, Apple presented in society what seems to be the most premium headphones of the brand. The AirPods Max in various colors are already with us and as always they will be a bestseller even if they do not meet the standards for it.

On this occasion it is clear that the price is not in accordance with the product. AirPods Max are for very exclusive people

AirPods Max

The premium headphones that Apple has presented have been the subject of rumors for much of this year. We already thought that it would not be until 2021 when they would launch them on the market. But they are here. They are precious, yes they are but, Are they better than the competition to be worth what they cost?

Let’s see a moment. The characteristics that the American company claims that they have AirPods Max are the following:

  • Audio computational
  • H1 chip but no U1
  • Crown like the Apple Watch to skip songs and volume up / down
  • Equalizer adaptive
  • Active cancellation of noise
  • Mode of ambient sound
  • Audio space
  • Audio shared
  • Siri
  • Calls
  • 20 hour battery life

Of all the functions you just readIs there any that sounds like an impressive novelty that justifies the price of the headphones?

No. The answer is no. As much as the names seem of another generation or futuristic, it is the technology that most of the mid-range / high-end headphones on the market have. It is true that there are still no reviews of the product by real experts. We have the unboxings of the influencers but what not too many objectives, let’s face it.

Regarding other headphones in the same range as the AirPods Max, there are numerous articles where the functionalities, characteristics, durability and uses of many models are analyzed. AirPods Max probably won’t hit number 1 anywhere near. I might be confused but I don’t think so.

Let’s talk now about the headphone case

I don’t care if the pads are made of the best fabric or fit perfectly, they are important elements, but people want good and practical things. The smart case for AirPods Max, they are anything but practical.

Apple claims that it is smart because it is able to maintain a battery capacity when it is not being used. However, it does not have an off button so if it is inserted into the case the battery may drain. It is that there is no where to take it, really.

It is also a cover that it looks like anything but a cover. You just have to look for the memes they are making about her and the opinions of many analysts in the most important media as The verge.

Another thing. It is not rigid so it does not protect. It does not protect a 629 euro headset. Yes of 629 euros, that is almost double what Sony’s high-end headphones cost for example.

Have you seen the prices of bang & olufsen headphones? Now you will tell me that this brand is not one of the best in audio and design. Now look at the AKG brand in the professionals section and look at the prices. It is that there is no color.

Apple has done it again, but for bad. Exorbitant prices and the worst of all is that we are already used to it and we think it is for quality, innovation and design.

For quality there is no doubt, but it is not the best. For innovation, no. I refuse that this is Apple’s innovation Put the crown of the Apple Watch to handle the songs and raise / lower the volume? (I had some Sennheiser that had touch panels) Are we perhaps in the age of cassettes ?.

That is just my opinion, but I am more and more tired of seeing the drift of this company and its products. Today, I think that the most adjusted price or that most corresponds to the product, is that of the basic Apple Watch.

We will see what the next nonsense of the company is.