Apple has acquired more than 100 companies in 6 years

Apple is a company reminiscent of the tale of the goose that lays the golden eggs or King Midas. Everything you touch turns into profitability, success and money. In fact, it is more than likely that it will become the first company to reach a value of $ 3 trillion. That is why it is not surprising that he always wants to be improving and with his eyes set on the future. For this, it must rely on others who know and that is why it has been estimated that the Californian company has bought more than 100 companies in 6 years.

Purchases of more than 100 companies in 6 years are equivalent to one every 3 weeks

Imagine that every month you indulge yourself. It can be a dinner, that accessory for the iPhone or iPad. Now transfer it to a company that generates billions a year and we have that whim a month, is another company. And so for 6 years. That is what Apple has done. Buy more than 100 companies in 6 years.

These data were revealed by the CEO of the company, Tim Cook, during the annual conference with the shareholders of the company after closing the best quarter in its history. But not on a whim, if not in order to continue improving its profitability, effectiveness and efficiency.

We are not afraid to look at acquisitions of any size, but our priority is valuation and strategic fit, and our focus is generally on small, innovative companies exploring technologies that complement our products and make them go forward.

This could give rise to that some could think that Apple exercises a monopoly. Yet Cook answered that question, very directly and unapologetically:“Apple has no dominant position in any market in which it competes.” You only find yourself in a very competitive market where you need to be the best.


Some of the companies that Apple has acquired in those six years are for example the headphone company Beats, Shazam, PrimeSense. Even on the list there is a Spanish one, Vilynx, specialized in artificial intelligence tools to analyze the visual, textual and auditory content of videos.

Sure that will continue to acquire those companies that have meaning for Apple. To help them improve and grow even more in order to provide better service to users.