Apple glass

A couple of days ago we gave you Ming-Chi Kuo’s predictions about what Apple should launch in 2021. Among those predictions is the possibility of launching Apple’s augmented reality glasses. Now according to a report DigiTimes claims that the same They are in the second phase of development.

Taiwan’s daily newspaper DigiTimes has claimed according to a published report that Apple’s glasses have entered the second phase of production. This means that it is more than likely that in this year 2021 we cannot see the first model of Apple glasses on the market. In this way the Kuo’s predictions they are likely not to be met.

The report goes on to state that after the second phase of development, augmented reality glasses will reach the third step in just a few months. Once the prototype design is complete, the wearable device is expected to go through a period of 6-9 months for engineering verification.

It is speculated that one of the things that make Apple engineers more upset is the life and weight of the battery. Apple wants it to be as balanced as possible and we already know that if we want long life, the battery must be bigger and bigger and therefore heavy.

Mark Gurman of Bloomberg He already warned that the glasses would be light and that they would superimpose information such as text messages and maps in front of the user’s eyes, which could control the glasses through Siri. In fact, this analyst warns that glasses They would not be released until 2023 at the earliest.

What is clear is that augmented reality It is one of the fundamental assets of Apple in the short term future. He has done it with the LiDAR scanner and from there the only thing left is to move forward.