Apple TV +

Apple wants its services to continue to be at the top of the business. Throughout this last quarter we have seen how they have taken the top positions in the company’s income, making it a gold mine. That’s why Apple doesn’t want them to be forgotten. Apple TV + you will have a free period again for all those who signed up. Now until June.

Apple is once again extending the free period of Apple TV + of 1 year that is given when buying some specific hardware and included in the offer. With the latest announcement, anyone with an Apple TV + subscription that was set to expire now, It will last until June 2021 as long as you have not previously canceled. So those who had the free period for the first time, will enjoy 9 more months.

This is not the first time that Apple has extended the Apple TV + trial period. We could give two readings to these extensions. Either it does so because there are not enough subscribers and in this way it tries to attract new paying members or because Apple really relies so much on Apple TV + that it does not care about the income derived from it. What you want is for users to have quality content.

In fact, the announcements of new movies and series are counting on actors and actresses who are the best that an online entertainment space can have. Tom holland, Riddley Scott and Joaquin Phoenix, Oprah, are some of the names that we will soon see on Apple TV +. It is not surprising that in the end users extend their registration. When you least expect it and when you have gotten used to living with this space, it will be when you have to pay and you will pay.