Apple confirms issues affecting macOS Big Sur update

Apple just released a major macOS Big Sur update. While downloads are often slow with large files and many users are trying to get the update at the same time, it seems that download times are particularly slow this year and crashed in several cases. Meanwhile, it appears that Apple’s developer website is down as is iMessage and we are even seeing the performance of macOS Catalina affected.

Problems downloading macOS Big Sur

Upgrade: 1:10 pm Pacific Time: Apple has confirmed the problem with the new macOS download on its system status page saying “Users may not be able to download macOS software updates on Mac computers. The issue is currently being investigated.”

Apple also added iMessage to the list of issues that see an outage.

Apple is already working to fix the problem

Upgrade: 1:20 PM PT: If you see that your Mac when executing Catalina experiences a significant slowdown, be a little calm you are not imagining things. It is a general problem with an Apple server connection.

macOS 11 Big Sur is about 12GB in size and will take a while to download. But even users with fast to very fast internet service are having a time impact of more than 12 hours to 7 days in the worst case. That points to the problem likely being Apple’s servers.

We have also heard from many reports that the download fails and you have to start over or that it downloads completely and then throws an error.

At the same time, Apple’s developer website appears to be inaccessible, which could be related to the slow pace of downloads from Big Sur.

This is what we see when trying to load Apple’s developer website:

We also hear complaints from many users that the Apple TV app is slow at the moment. Apple’s system status page doesn’t mention anything about software update issues in macOS or the Apple TV app for now, however, it does say that the navigation and traffic features of Apple Maps are currently inactive.

Let us know if you have similar problems downloading Big Sur or other Apple apps. Let us know in the comments!