Apple begins to reduce the percentage of commissions in the App Store

App Store

Practically the whole year we have spent counting the adventures of developers with Apple on the issue of commissions it charges. It is usual that not only Apple does it, but it is she who is at the center of the hurricane of all criticism for monopoly. One move by Apple is the lowering of those commissions to certain developers.

In an attempt to put things in its place, Apple has decided that it is time to lower the amount of fees it charges certain developers. For this reason, the usual commission of 30% it drops to half for those who bill up to 1 million dollars a year. For the rest, the percentage is maintained.

It reminds me a bit of what the Facebook CEO said about being able to lower commissions to those who need it most and more now with a pandemic involved. However Apple has made a half play. It reduces the commission to both the one who wins $ 900,000 and the one who wins $ 10,000, knowing that the latter needs it more than the former.

Earlier this week, Apple began sending emails to developers warning of the change in the percentage of commissions and requesting their compliance with this new plan. The initiative will enter into force on January 1, 2021, although effectively, there are already developers who have seen that rate have been lowered to 15%.

We do not know how will this decision affect to the judgment that you have in your hands with Epic Games and if it will use this movement in court.

If you want or need to know more information about this topic, or you are interested as a small developer, you may want to access this web page Apple official where they explain more details and you will be able to register.