Apple and Google prohibit the use of the X-Mode SDK

You’ve probably never heard of X-Mode (and no, it’s not a game about flying planes), but you were probably happier before you met it.

X-Mode is a data “broker” that, among other uses, sells the data it collects to the American military and the national security industry (that is, the way to spy on citizens in the 21st century).

According The Wall Street Journal, both Apple and Google they have asked developers to remove the X-Mode software development kit (SDK) and location locators from their apps.

In the case of Google, it has given developers seven days, while Apple has given app creators two weeks. If this new standard is not complied with, there is a risk that the store owners will block the apps.

Remember that X-Mode pays developers to include their system in the app code.

Google and Apple have disclosed this action to Senator Ron Wyden, who is leading the investigation into the sale of location data to government agencies.