App that promoted clandestine parties during the COVID-19 pandemic is removed from the App Store

In many countries where the COVID-19 pandemic prevented millions of people from gathering, there was an app that promoted private and clandestine parties. The app was removed from the App Store this week. Vybe together intended to promote parties during the pandemic under the slogan “Light your rebellion, light your party.”Vybe Together app

Apple removes an app that promoted clandestine parties during COVID-19 pandemic

The purpose of Vybe Together was to have a platform for users who wanted to organize parties and promote them to anyone who wanted to participate. This app fell into obvious illegality in the face of the pandemic. Users who participated had to receive approval to join the event, two hours before they received the notice.

The ban and withdrawal of the app was noticed by The Verge, the app was withdrawn immediately and suddenly. Consequently, Vybe Together’s TikTok was removed. Why? In several countries, celebrating a party with a large number of people is illegal for the health situation of the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s amazing that Apple approved the app and that it was in their store for several months.

The cause is in social networks, discovered thanks to TikTok

One of the co-founders of Vybe Together spoke to The Verge. He explained that they had immediate success with thousands of users, therefore the success continued to climb as a few demo videos were shared on TikTok. The veracity and identity of each user was verified through their Instagram profile.

In fact, the creators of Vybe Together planned their own success. They knew they could be discovered and they managed to get to the right (foolish) people. The verification on Instagram was to avoid possible complaints from people who did not agree to hold a party before knowing that something like this would happen.

Vybe Together was banned on Instagram, the account had around 1,000 followers. Meanwhile, it is not known for sure if this app was the one that promoted clandestine parties even outside of what is still being promoted in some countries. Will wait with time if Apple is again able to accept an app that allows illegality in these difficult times.