analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says we will see news this year 2020

Before this 2021 began we got down to work and We collected the rumors about what to expect in 2021 hand in hand with Apple. The same has been done by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo and some others. It is stated that there will be expected releases, new updates and a new device related to the augmented reality.


We have already started 2021 and with it have arrived the predictions of the most famous Apple analysts. We are going to focus on the predictions of the famous Ming-Chi Kuo. That although they are nothing to write home about, we have to take into account the fame he has and the percentage of correct answers,

Kuo claims that 2021 it will be the year of the AirTags. Announced for most of the 2o20, they did not reach the market. It will be in 2021 when we see the famous Apple GPS tags, able to locate everyday objects in our life.

Apple glasses

He has also dared to predict the arrival on the market of “one more thing”. But he has not specified what it will be about, he has only mentioned that a new device related to augmented reality will arrive. In MacRumors they don’t get wet either what Kuo is referring to. We may finally see the long-awaited augmented reality glasses, which has also been talked about at length.

The rest of the predictions are rather a confirmation of everything that has been said during 2020. Namely:

  • We will see the arrival of new headphones with a design similar to the AirPods Pro, but without being it, they will have all their technology but will be part of the continuity of the first model. So we will see the AirPods 3.
  • The arrival of newer Macs with the M1 chip. This was stated by Apple.
  • Devices with Mini Led. But Kuo doesn’t say what they will be either.
  • New iPad Pro 12.9 inches.

As you read, this time Ming-Chi Kuo has not risked at all in their predictions.