AirPods Max review: This is how Apple’s over-ear headphones sound compared to the competition

First of all Happy New Year to everyone and a big thank you to our MTN reader with the sounding pseudonym “Singdudeldei”. Martin, as he is called in real life, has kindly bought us his private ones AirPods Max Immediately after delivery made available by Apple for a test in Rewind. Including adapter cable from jack to Lightning. In any other way, it would probably have taken a lot longer for a test sample to become available in the editorial office.


Art Over-ear bluetooth headphones
Recommended price (€) about 600

Thanks to this selfless act, I had a few days to compare the AirPods Max (hereinafter referred to as Max) with various headphones from other established brand manufacturers and to research its special features, such as 3D sound and adaptive EQ. We at MTN had already reported in detail about the basic functions of the Max, so I would like to take a look at the practical properties of the headphones at this point. If you would like a more detailed introduction to Max, please use the links “Additional Articles” under this report.

Let’s go for the bacon: Our friendly test device dispenser has opted for a Max in space gray with a black case. The headphone is delivered in a box with a square shape. Immediately under the lid, I am greeted by the headphones, which are in the associated smart case, which has often been mocked on the web. Ladies handbag or brassiere are among the most common associations in the network community.

(The case in the photo on the right looks gray because it is still covered by a protective film. In fact, it is black.)

The Smart Case is indeed a solution of very mixed use. Since it only encloses the driver housing (and not completely), but leaves the bracket free, and its material is relatively thin, the protective effect against pressure or impacts remains questionable. Compared, for example, with the hard case of the beyerdynamic Amiron Wireless Copper tested here or that of the much more compact Panasonic HD610N (test report), the Smart Case of the Max has a clearly lower level of protection. Even scratches on the aluminum housings of the earphones cannot be completely ruled out, because the Smart Case leaves them unprotected in some places.

The only noticeable advantage of the Smart Case is its lower (additional) space requirement. However, this is counteracted with the Max, as the handset is quite heavy at 385 g and together with the case means a load of 522 g. And since the housing is not like z. For example, if it is folded into the bracket on the Panasonic, the space requirement is slightly larger than that of some competitors. The Max earpiece housings can only be rotated to a flat position. But flat is often better in hand luggage, a backpack or in a shoulder bag than a very high case.