Airbnb partners with Jony Ive and his LoveForm

Almost a year after Sir Jony Ive left Apple to fully dedicate himself to his new project, LoveForm, news has spread of his relationship with Airbnb. Jony Ive left Apple to pursue his new project and things seem to be going well for him.

We do not know anything about the union of LoveForm and Apple but we do know about their association with Airbnb

Airbnb is the real estate rental company that has triumphed around the world in the last two years. Thanks to his way of understanding rents, users can spend a weekend in private homes, among many other options, at an affordable price. Let us leave aside the controversies with the company due to its way of paying taxes and others.

What really matters to us is the partnership that has emerged between this company and the one that Jony Ive founded when he left Apple, LoveForm. In this way, will help design the next generation of Airbnb products and services.

Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky and Jony I’ve have been good friends for many years. In fact, the one who was chief designer at Apple, spoke highly of Airbnb in 2015.

Airbnb signs Jony Ive

LoveFrom has built up a creative team It includes designers, architects, musicians, writers, engineers, and artists. It’s not entirely clear what Airbnb has planned. It seems unlikely that Airbnb will start creating consumer hardware gadgets. That would be ideal for the interests of Ive, who for 20 years was in charge of this project at Apple.

But we all know that Sir Ive has an unbridled passion for architecture … and Airbnb rents houses. In his later years at Apple, he led design work on the Apple Park campus and the new look for Apple Stores. It seems that the union goes like a glove.