Affinity updates its applications to take advantage of the M1

If something characterizes Affinity, it is its care for taking advantage of the latest technologies that have been coming out and have always boasted about it on their website, such as 120 Hz on the iPad Pro screens or using the Metal graphic library.

They now have versions 1.8.6 available that take advantage of the M1 system. As they are applications that you have in the Apple application store, it is very likely that they have already been updated.

Affinity has participated in the small video, which they showed during the presentation, about the impressions of the developers.

The benefits are particularly noticeable when working on documents with thousands of layers of pixels, vector objects, and text. Pixel-layered edits are best handled on the GPU, while vector and text on the CPU, so when you have unified memory it allows for much faster handling of these complex documents.

Affinity website

Affinity confirms the figures that Apple gave in the presentation regarding the significant increase in speed, even in fanless computers, compared to Intel.

In short, M1 makes our applications run faster, smoother, and feel more responsive than ever before (we’ve already seen speed increases of over 3x faster on the new MacBook Air).

Affinity website

Affinity boasts of being the first to bring professional graphic design applications with native M1 support to the market.

As you will also see, Affinity, like Apple, take care of the details, and the application icons have also changed.


The company has 3 applications that can be used on Mac, iPad * and Windows, with files compatible between all these systems, so that you can change devices without problem for the same job.

  • Affinity Designer: vector graphic design.
  • Affinity Photo: photo editor (complete for iPad).
  • Affinity Publisher: layout of magazines, books, brochures, posters, reports and writing materials …

(* Publisher not yet).

The best thing about its applications is its price for such a high level of quality. Each application costs:

  • 54.99 macOS and Windows
  • 21.99 iPad OS

There is no subscription, it is a one-time payment.