Adobe Photoshop is in beta to adapt to Apple Silicon

We already have Macs with Apple Silicon, M1 chip and macOS Big Sur with us. It seems that a new era is approaching for users of the devices of the Californian company. Now we just have to wait for the applications to adapt to the new changes. Adobe Photoshop is putting the batteries and it is already in beta to adapt.

Adobe Photoshop is coming to Apple Silicon

All applications must get down to business in order to operate under the macOS Big Sur and Apple Silicon ecosystem. Remember that this new processor is giving incredible results of power and speed. In this way the applications that operate in this way will have a cleaner and faster execution. All are advantages.

But the rush has never been good and things take time. You need to prepare the application so that there are no problems and for now the news is good, because one of the main ones is underway. Adobe Photoshop is in beta and it can only be installed right now on a Mac with Apple Silicon.

We are delighted to announce the first beta version of Photoshop that runs natively on Apple Silicon hardware. This first version of Photoshop for Apple Silicon offers many of the core Photoshop features you’ve come to rely on for your everyday editing needs, and we’ll add more features in the coming weeks. Note that Beta software is not officially supported by Adobe.

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Adobe notes that there is a series of limitations in the beta version. They report that “Many features” are not available and some of them may experience slow performance. It’s also notable that running Adobe Photoshop under Rosetta emulation is also not officially supported by Adobe, so if Photoshop is important to your workflow, running it on an Apple Silicon Mac may not be the best option at the moment.

It may not be the time to buy a Mac with Silicon if yours is the continued use of Adobe Photoshop.