Adobe Photoshop for Apple Silicon is now in Beta

Adobe has announced the release of Photoshop Beta for Apple Silicon. Photoshop beta requires ‌Apple Silicon‌ (M1) device and Creative Cloud desktop version or later.

We are delighted to announce the first beta of Photoshop working natively on hardware with ‌Apple Silicon‌!

This first version of Photoshop for ‌Apple Silicon‌ offers many of the core Photoshop capabilities you trust for your everyday editing needs, and we’ll continue to add more capabilities in the coming weeks. Please note that Beta software is not officially supported by Adobe, but we want to hear from you and this is the place to let us know how it is working for you.

Adobe notes that there are various limitations in this beta version. They report that “many functions” annoy are available and others may work slowly (in other words, it’s still very green).

It should also be noted that using Adobe Photoshop with Rosetta emulation is not officially supported by Adobe, so if Photoshop is important to your workflow, using it on a Mac with M1 may not be the best idea at this time.

You can only see the beta version of Photoshop if you connect to Creative Cloud from a Mac with Apple Silicon.

PS: Adobe is the only company (that we have seen) that continues to use the expression ARM (which is architecture) when Apple has already coined the name Apple Silicon and the chip has its own name (M1). Ay Adobe, that attention to detail in the Mac world …