Adobe Lightroom now available for Apple M1 processors

Adobe Lightroom

Since Apple officially announced the new range of computers managed with ARM processors, baptized as M1 / ​​Apple Silicon, more and more applications are being updated to be compatible with these computers, without depending on the Roseta 2 emulator, an emulator that offers very good results in terms of performance.

A few weeks ago, Adobe released the first beta of Photoshop, a beta that still lacks many functions to include to offer the same features as the version for Intel processors. But nevertheless, work to adapt other applications for computers with M1 processors in other applications and is ready.

Adobe has announced than Lightroom is now available in its version for ARM processorsSo both Apple M1 computers and Windows-managed computers with ARM processors can get the most out of it.

Regarding the rest of the applications, Adobe states that:

Lightroom Classic, Photoshop, and Adobe Camera Raw have been tested and certified to work well with Apple Rosetta emulation as we work on native Apple M1 versions of these applications.

We intend to ship the native versions of the Apple M1 as soon as they are ready, so stay tuned! We also shipped a native Apple M1 and Windows Arm version of Photoshop as a beta application in November.

This new version is available through Creative Suite, Adobe’s application launcher. As stated by Adobe, they have created this new version from scratch to adapt it to these processors and thus be able to maximize energy efficiency (one of the advantages of these processors) and performance.

Adobe states that your commitment to Intel has not changed and that they will continue to update their applications for these teams. At the moment, the rest of Adobe products that have not been updated to be compatible with M1 processors can continue to be used through Rosette 2, while they continue to work on their adaptation.