Adobe applications, like those offered by Microsoft, are two widely used suites of applications in work environments, which is why their availability with the launch of the first Macs with ARM processors it was a necessary one for Apple to make the announcement.

Although it is true that through Rosetta 2, you can run the versions designed for x86 processors, to get the most out of it on Apple ARM computers, the applications must be supported without an emulator. Microsoft announced a few days ago that there will soon be a version for Apple’s M1.

Now it is the turn of Adobe, who through his blog, has announced that it already has a list the first beta of Photoshop compatible with the new Macs from Apple managed by the M1 processor with ARM architecture. As we can read, this version offers the main functions of Photoshop but still lacks many functions to include.

Photoshop ARM

Image: MacRumors

Adobe states that Photoshop for computers with ARM processors will only install and work on ARM hardware that meet the minimum system requirements. If it doesn’t appear in the installer, it is recommended to manually check for updates. If it still doesn’t work, he recommends logging out and logging back into Creative Cloud Desktop.

At the moment only Photoshop seems to have started the way to be compatible with ARM processors. Of the rest of applications, such as Premiere, at the moment the company has not spoken, but it should not take long, since this video editing software is used by a large number of professionals who continue to bet on Apple but the solution offered by Final Cut Pro does not meet their needs.