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The theme of ringtones on iPhones has always been different from other devices but today we want to share with you the option that Apple offers us on the latest available versions of macOS Catalina or the most recent Big Sur.

The system of creating ringtones for the iPhone using GarageBand is fine but it is much better and more practical to have the tone downloaded directly in .m4r on our Mac and then directly connect the iPhone and copy and paste the tone selected call.

So let’s get down to business and see the simple steps we have to take to get that ringtone we love so much. The first thing is to download the tone in .m4r and for this we can do it from the network, there are many sites that offer this type of files for our iPhone. Now what we have to do is directly connect the iPhone to the Mac and continue with the process.

Once we have the iPhone connected to the Mac, we simply drag and drop the .mr4 file into the Finder itself, right in the place where the iPhone synchronization window appears. Ready!

This is fully valid for the most current versions of macOS, naturally including the latest Big Sur version and macOS Catalina. We Mac users who have been fiddling with these computers for a long time remember the time when Apple removed the drag-and-drop option for adding tones with the complicated iTunes software, but removed it in newer versions of the software.

Now this is that simple again and if not we can always use the method of creating the tone with the Garageband app directly from the iPhone, but this is much easier without a doubt.