Apple event

By now, you should know that rumors about a new Apple event in November have been confirmed. It has been Apple itself who has announced that next day of this month we will have a new event where it is more than sure to present the new Mac with Apple Silicon. They start a few days with new rumors about what exactly will Apple teach. Bloomerg says that at least three new MacBooks will be introduced.

Three new Macbooks with Apple Silicon: 13-inch Air, 13-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro.

Apple Silicon

Much was being rumored with the November event that Apple should hold. In it, new Mac models with the new Chip developed exclusively by the company would be presented. In this way we can forget about the existence of Intel processors in Macs, That is already past water, although for now it is the reality, the tangible. However the possibility that we will see Apple Silicon up and running in November is more than a rumor.

Recall that Tim Cook already announced that at the end of this year, the company would start to distribute their computers with their own processors. At that very moment, there was talk of the possibility that we would see an iMac as the first model with Apple Silicon. This news is not ruled out. Bloomerg reports that up to three new MacBooks will be seen, without ruling out anything else.

The new models will be the 13-inch MacBook Air and the 13-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros. They will not involve any readjustment in the exterior design, but they will come with the new processor that promises a longer battery life (with better control of it through software) accompanied by less heating and of course, improvements in performance.

Although it does not rule out that we see Apple Silicon on desktop Mac, it is true that says it will take a long time to see them. As for the iMac, it will come completely redesigned. We will also have a new Mac Pro with apparently half the size of the current one.

One week left. Is nothing. We will soon see who is right.