Access your USB devices remotely

In our daily work it seems we can never have enough USB ports to connect all the devices we need: cameras, pen drives, printers, scanners, even a CD / DVD reader!

As long as we have them close, everything can be arranged, you plug and unplug at will, acting according to the priorities of the workflow.

The problems are when the accessory we need we do not have with us, or we need to access one that is connected to a computer located elsewhere.

Accessing USB devices remotely allows us, for example, to use our home printer while we are traveling so that those papers that we have on our computer are printed when someone comes to pick them up.

Or maybe in the rush the document that we had to scan was happily placed but we never got to press the button. And now we desperately need it.

With control software USB over network We can access any USB device that we have connected to a computer regardless of the distance at which we are from it. We can handle it from where we are as if we had it with us in the same room.

Who may need FlexiHub

We are going to review in which situations the use of a software to share USB devices remotely can be the best solution.

Share peripherals in an office

With this type of software tool you can share printers, scanners, storage devices and any other USB device. Instead of buying replicate devices for everyone, existing devices can be connected to any Windows, Mac and Linux system without the need for additional cabling.

Redirect USB traffic to a virtual environment

One of the problems with virtual machines is that they sometimes do not allow access to the USB ports of the host computer. With this type of software, that problem disappears, because it allows virtual machines to use the devices connected by USB on the host computer.

Remote access to security dongles

If a computer uses a security dongle to prevent the product from being copied and removed from the machine, the use of USB over network software can solve problems resulting from the continued use of the same device on different machines.

Wireless access to remote iOS and Android devices

In a development environment where applications have to be tested on end devices to detect bugs and design corrections, a USB device control software over the network allows remote access to iPhones, iPads and Android devices connected from a local computer as if they were physically connected.

How to use FlexiHub

Installation of the FlexiHub remote USB device control software is easy. All you have to do is create an account, install the program on all the computers that we want to control from ours and configure them using the account we have created.