MacBook Pro 2012

Have you ever wondered why there is no black Mac? It seems that it is not as easy as it might seem at first. Apple’s taste for perfection has always been known, especially on two issues: colors and font. It is not easy to achieve the color pure black and that is what you are looking for if you want to launch a Mac with that color. Still Apple keeps trying. It seems that the trick is in the matte black color.

It seems that getting the color black to decorate the Mac is quite difficult. Apple wants that if it is finally decided to market a Mac with that tonality, it should be a true color, not a similar one. That is why he keeps trying and does not give up in his efforts to achieve it. The latest Apple patent He demonstrates it and tells us that he wants to achieve it and launch a matte black MacBook.

Housings for portable electronic devices can include an anodized coating that can be tinted in different colors to enhance their cosmetic appeal to consumers. However, certain colors are much more difficult to achieve than others. In particular, attempts by consumer electronics manufacturers to achieve true black have fallen short. In fact, the best attempts have only reached a dark gray color. The mere deposit of dye particles within the pores of an anodized layer is insufficient to impart a true black color.

Part of the challenge of achieving true black is that the surface of these cabinets generally has a high-gloss finish, which contributes to the specular reflection of a large amount of visible light. For this reason, a solution is sought through the matte finish. The low gloss and matte finish combined with black particles infused within the pores are able to hide surface geometries of the outer surface. That way you could get a pure nigga and that it would look good on a Mac.

Whenever we talk about patents we don’t know if it will come true or it will remain a simple idea. But what is clear is that Apple wants to achieve it and will continue trying.