Update 1Password

One of the new features added to the 1Password application for Mac is that in addition to the design change to fully adapt to the new macOS Big Sur 11 is the option to unlock the app using the Apple smart watch.

The new unlocking system through the clock is really comfortable for those of us who use this app with a really complicated password and it is that inside it you may have really confidential data, documents, files and others, so This password has to be one of the “strong” ones.

A just design change to become a more current app that visually fits us better. These changes go through an app icon equivalent to the new macOS design and an interior more in line with the new system, although it is true that it is still the same app, there are no radical changes.

The best thing about this new version is that those of us who do not have a Mac with Touch ID can unlock the app using the smart watch (if we have it of course) by pressing the physical button twice. This is something we can do in some payment apps, to download or similar. So this function requires the new Big Sur version or macOS 10.15 along with the T1 chip or T2 Secure Enclave security chip.

Integration with Safari for self-filling, design change, implementation of unlocking through Apple Watch and some other novelty is what it offers us this 1Password app.